During the second edition of the EU Hydrogen Week, organized by the new Clean Hydrogen Technology Partnership, (CHPT) as part of the Horizon Europe R&I funding programme, that was held from November 30 to December 3, 2021,  more than 10.000 participants from 64 countries listened to updates on 280 projects and initiatives  in an ecclectic schedule of inclusive and exclusive sessions. The First Day EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen highlighted the set up the Breakthrough Energy Catalyst with Bill Gates and the EIB in which, also hydrogen development is included. More than 200 projects have been announced globallyand  55% are in Europe. She mentioend that the EU Commission target is 1.8 euro’s per kg and that the EU wants to remain the trailblazer. EU targets Annual production of 10 mln tons of Clean Hydrogen in 2030, by investing in hydrogen production. For that Invest EU the end of novmebr announced to fund 7 new projects, 4 of which H2, totalling one billion euro’s. She also mentioned the importance of the Project Pipeline that the CHTP put together after a survey earlier this year and in which the RH2INE Kickstart Inland Waterway Transport project, that the EHA has helped to find funding, has been included as well. EU pledged with other global partners to set up 100 hydrogen valleys in 2030 including Africa: the EU Commission is actively supporting a new clean hydrogen market between European  and African shores and seeks to install 40 GW of electrolyzers in 2030 in Europe and the equivalent in neighbouring countries including Africa. Also EU vice president Frans Timmermans pointed to the need of “patterns of cooperation” that benefits all sides and especially Saudi Arabia and Africa.