Faced with widespread public scepticism about the benefits of all-electric cars, Germany’s government is stepping up efforts to get more zero-emission vehicles on the roads. Berlin had pledged a target of 1 million all-electrics and hydrogen-powered cars on German highways by 2020, but sales of zero-emission cars are in the doldrums. Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told a conference in Berlin that with new measures coming on stream, the target could still be achieved. The government has announced a plan to spend a further 161 million euros (182 million dollars) between 2016 on 2018 on hydrogen and fuel-cell technology. A network of 50 hydrogen refuelling stations is also in the pipeline. By 2023 this number will rise to 350. Dobrindt had already announced a scheme to install fast-charging units for electric cars at 400 locations nationwide by 2017.

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