Austria’s Climate and Energy Fund will continue its successful “Austrian Electric Mobility Flagship Projects” programme for 2012. The fourth Call aims to develop solutions that not only enable a sustainable, intermodal electric mobility by encouraging the increased involvement of foreign project partners.

Submitted projects must address at least two of the following three thematic areas:

• vehicles;

• users;

• infrastructure;

Furthermore, foreign project partners in the consortium, who play a central role in foreign electric mobility projects and initiatives, are invited to participate. Demonstration and implementation elements in the projects will complement R&D activities in the fields of vehicles, charging/refuelling infrastructure as well as additional reservation, booking and billing systems relevant to electric mobility in Austria.

Relevant topics of the call (see p.11) include the following:

  • Development of on-board components for energy-efficient charging and refuelling systems as well as storage technologies for electric, chemical and mechanical energy optimised in terms of performance, energy and cost, in particular for electricity and hydrogen;
  • Development and integration of organisational concepts and technical systems for a mobility offering with electric vehicles based on user-specific intelligent incentives for urban and rural regions.                     –  Conception and implementation of combined mobility offerings with the additional usage characteristics of hybrid, range-extender, plug-in hybrid, fuel-cell and battery vehicles;


Proposals can be submitted by 8 October 2012, at 12:00 CET.

More information on the call is available here.