Project ALKAMMONIA will integrate three innovative and proven technologies: a highly efficient and low-cost alkaline fuel cell system, a highly efficient fuel processing system and a novel ammonia fuel system. The integrated system will be rigorously tested and the results shared with leading telecommunication end-users.
One of the world’s fastest growing markets is that of mobile telecommunications. In order to meet the ever increasing demand for improved signal coverage and bandwidth, millions of Base-Transceiver Stations (BTS) have been installed all over the world, and their numbers continue to grow. Regions which currently experience poor grid coverage include large parts of Alaska, Russia, India and Africa. In these regions, a large percentage of the BTS are operated using on-site diesel generators. The shortcomings of generators can be overcome if they are replaced by highly efficient and low-cost alkaline fuel cells in combination with a novel, practically emission free ammonia fuel system.

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