On August 4, 2014  Air Products presented a second addition to its SmartFuel® hydrogen high pressure tube trailer fleet at the London Heathrow Airport hydrogen station. The developments are part of the FCH JU Hydrogen Transport in European Cities (HyTEC) initiative led by Air Products. The trailer of composite cylinders will enable to deliver hydrogen to hydrogen fuelling stations at a pressure of 500 bar,  minimising the need for onsite compression, a significant reduction in capital and operating costs.

Diana Raine, European Business Manager, Hydrogen Energy Systems, Air Products, and HyTEC coordinator said: “The 350 and 700-bar Heathrow fuelling station and the expansion of the SmartFuel® trailer fleet represent significant milestones in the journey to establish a long term, viable hydrogen fuelling infrastructure across the UK and Europe. Air Products is proud to be leading the HyTEC project which has played an important role in bringing together these necessary components as we prepare for the arrival of commercially available hydrogen vehicles.”

You can read the full press release here.