At the last edition of the Paris Air show last June, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies presented its hydrogen technologies for aerospace and commercial aircrafts: with more than 50 years of experience in this field, Air Liquide is the cryogenic systems partner for for example the Ariane launcher. Air Liquide also presented solutions  to reduce airport pollution levels in airport operations offering clean and renewable delivery systems based on hydrogen energy and fuel cells. In addition to 0nboard hydrogen-powered fuel cells that provide electricity on board for various uses, especially during airport ground phases, Air Liquide also provides alternative energy solutions to power container and transporter loaders such as luggage transportation vehicles fleets. With HyPulsion (a joint venture 80%-owned by Air Liquide’s subsidiary Axane and 20%-owned by Plug Power), Air Liquide provides hydrogen fuel cells to function on electric loader ground equipment in airport. Air Liquide has also designed a complete range of hydrogen refuelling stations to fill those vehicles. For more information please consult the Air Liquide: From the control of air to the conquest of space – Press kit.