January 29, 2011 marks 125 years of automotive history; it was in 1886 that Carl Benz received the patent for the first motor car, heralding the birth of the automobile. From January 30, 2011, in addition to experiencing 125 years of automotive history, visitors to the Mercedes-Benz Museum can discover the answers to questions about the drive technologies of the future in the newly designed exhibition room Legend 6: ‘New start – The Road to Emission-free Mobility’. On the same day the Mercedes F-Cell took of on 125 day tour aroudn the world.

Chancellor  Dr. Angela Merkel and  Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler’s CEO gave the start shot for the Mercedes-Benz F-CELL World Drive of three B Class F-Cell vehicles. With the tour, that will cover 4 continents in 125 days Mercedes-Benz wants to demonstrate that the fuel cell car is ready to roll and that an intelligent hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is feasible.

The route starts in Stuttgart and from there, the Mercedes B-Class F-CELL will travel on down to Lisbon, air-freighted to the continental U.S. which it will travel across and then over to Australia. From there, a boat will take the globe-trotting B-Class F-CELL to Shanghai, where it will then drive across Asia and head on back towards Stuttgart.