AFC Energy plc (AFC.L), the industrial fuel cell power company, is pleased to announce that it has successfully achieved the penultimate Milestone 10 in its 2015 POWER-UP programme.  It achieved Milestone 10 by commencing temporary operation of an entire tier of eight fuel cell cartridges on the KORE system where it achieved a maximum output from the tier of just over 40kWe.

The Company’s alkaline fuel cell technology, implemented in this prototype installation, will continue to be further validated by collecting operating data over the coming months and importantly, following full commissioning of the system scheduled for December 2015, in preparation for achieving AFC’s strategic goals for developing several projects in the international power market within 2016, supported by key project partners.

Mr Adam Bond, AFC’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “When we sat down in December 2014 to devise an aggressive roadmap for the deployment of our first industrial scale fuel cell in Germany, we knew there would be challenges and obstacles we would need to overcome in order to achieve our goals. But to continue to hit our targets and deliver on our commitments almost 12 months into the programme is a testament to the technology and to our team”.

Mr Bond further commented: “We are edging increasingly closer to delivery of a commercial scale fuel cell system capable of deployment across a range of markets we are focussing on. We will continue to push hard to achieve these ambitious goals and ensure the system we take to market achieves not only short term operational success, but also longevity, safety and stability of power supply across the life of project. Our programme of work for the remainder of this year and into the next will focus on these points. However, the announcement today should provide confidence and strong support to our ability to reach these goals”.

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