AFC Energy (AIM: AFC), the industrial fuel cell power company successfully delivered gross electrical output in excess of 200kW at its KORE fuel cell power plant in Stade, Germany part of the FCH JU co-funded POWER-UP project . The commissioning activities of the KORE system over the past five days concluding on 31 January, delivered a series of firsts for the technology with a summary of the key achievements for the AFC proprietary fuel cell cartridge and balance of plant including:

  • In excess of 200kW of power produced from the fuel cell system
  • The first time all three tiers of the KORE fuel cell system operated in parallel with each other to successfully dispatch power into the German power grid
  • In excess of 1.3MW of power generated and sold into the grid under the Power Purchase Agreement agreed with Statdewerke Stade
  • In excess of 10kW of power generated from multiple fuel cell stacks operating within the KORE against a design rating of 10kW per stack
  • From a single tier of the KORE system (8 x fuel cell stacks), 83.3kW of power was generated (against a nameplate of 80kW for a single tier)
  • From two tiers of the KORE system operating in parallel (16 x fuel cell stacks), a cumulative 158.4kW of power generated (against a nameplate of 160kW for two tiers)
  • KORE system automation was fully demonstrated for the first time through the application of AFC proprietary software against previous manual trials