When: 19 October, 2015

The 6th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS 2015) was held in Yokohama, Japan on October 19-21, 2015 under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (HySafe).

The first five biennal conferences since 2005 succeeded in attracting the most relevant experts from all over the world, by providing an open platform for the presentation and discussion of new findings, information and data on hydrogen safety – covering the wide range of areas from basic research to applied research and development to standardization and regulations.

Some 250 participants from 18 countries had been present at ICHS 2015. This can be considered as an indication of the rising interest for the topic, because the number is higher than for the last ICHS 2013 in Brussels. Jay Keller, head of the research committee of the HySafe board, announced the installation of a fellowship program for students doing work in the field of hydrogen safety. He also told the conference that a “Best Paper Award” for the ICHS had been created. The award was given for the first time to a paper on quantitative risk analysis.

HySafe vice president Thomas Jordan and the scientific conference head Marco Carcassi invited everybody to ICHS 7. It will be held in Hamburg (Germany) from September 11 to 13, 2017.

Please find the full ICHS press release here

On photo: Jay Keller, head of the research committee of the HySafe board