When: 16 July, 2013   Where: Karlsruhe, Germany

The European Institute For Energy Research will organize the 5th International edition of the Fundamentals and Development Fuel Cells Conference, on July 16-18. 2013 in Karlsruhe, Germany, on fuel cells, fuel cell systems and fuel cell applications.

This conference is in continuation for the previous “France-Deutschland Fuel Cells” Conferences held in Forbach (2002), in Belfort (2004), Fundamentals and Developments of Fuel Cells Conference in Nancy (2008), and the Fundamentals and Developments of Fuel Cells Conference in Grenoble (2011), however with bigger extension beyond the two countries. This last edition, chaired by Pr. Bultel has generated a special issue in the Fuel Cells Journal, named “Fourth edition of the Fundamentals & Developments of Fuel Cells (FDFC 2011)”.

The topics explore general topics of fuel cells (fuel cells electrochemistry, fuel cell catalysts, catalyst supports, proton transfer and water transport in ionomer membranes, MEA, GDL and bipolar plates development) but also recent issues that hold the same importance (fuel cell diagnosis, power processing and control, characterization of MEA upon operation/ageing). At a higher scale, the conference will also address the advancement on hydrogen production and storage for different application areas as well as the impact, the role and place of fuel cells and hydrogen at grid/city level. The three-day technical conference will consist of invited lectures, contributed papers and posters.

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http://fdfc2013.eifer.uni-karlsruhe.de/ (still under construction, full launch scheduled next week)