Air Liquide has been continuously running two Hydrogenics Hystat 60 Generators since 2006 at their plant in Calarasi, Romania which has produced 5.0 million cubic meters of Hydrogen between the two units without any performance or service issues.

According to plant manager Claudiu Belciu “During this period the units have run without any major problems.” They were more than pleased with the performance and reliability that they are willing to present these units to other prospective customers who are interested in this technology.

Hydrogenics has over 1,800 installations worldwide across a wide range of industrial applications, fueling stations, renewable energy storage and conversion systems. Over the past ten years the Hystat has become a go to choice for major gas suppliers such as Air Liquide. Hydrogenics has added over 200 of them to our install base. It’s safety, quality and dependability make it the best choice for customers’ on-site hydrogen generating needs.