When: 10 November, 2014   Where: “The Hotel”, Boulevard de Waterloo 38, Brussels

This is once again the occasion for industry and policy-makers to show the contribution of this partnership to the European energy and transport targets.

For this Forum, the agenda is including contributions from a series of high ranking representatives from across the hydrogen and fuel cell industrial sector, as well as from potential customers for the technology.

The focus is pointing out the steps which Europe needs to take to move the sector onto a genuinely commercial footing and also stimulate debate amongst speakers and industry stakeholders about the future of the sector and the transition from a research and funding dominated landscape to a real market demand.

This is happening during the transition to the Horizon 2020 program and the new Multi-Annual Work Plan which the FCH 2 JU has established.

We will take advantage from the past experience of the FCH JU programs and underline the role FCH 2 JU can play to make the transition to the commercial markets.

This year’s session will be closely linked to the FCH JU Programme Review Days on 10 and 11 November 2014.

A selection of high-quality, representative FCH JU-funded projects will present their achievements towards the targets of the multi-annual and annual work programmes of the FCH JU.


Draft programmes and practical information  are available on the
www.fch-ju.eu website in sections ‘Stakeholder Forum 2014’ or ‘Programme Review Days 2014’.

To register before the 26th October 2014 deadline, go to https://fch-ju-2014.teamwork.fr/en/registration