When: 29 September, 2012

In 1889, “horseless carriages” made their appearance for the Universal Expo. In 1894, the first Paris-Rouen automobile race was held, on the initiative of the Petit Journal, which created the first bicycle races.

This new form of locomotion quickly sparked great excitement and enthusiasm. The Automobile Club de France, founded in 1895, undertook the mission of promoting “motoring” and, in 1898, created the first international automobile, cycle and sports show. To prevent vehicles being exhibited that were automobiles in name only, it was stipulated that no vehicle could be included in the show unless it had completed a trip from Paris to Versailles and back, under its own power and in the presence of a commissioner.

Today, The Paris Motor Show continues to showcase and support major developments in the automobile industry, in particular in the fields of safety, new forms of energy and the environment in terms of new manufacturer and consumer behaviour.

Despite the relocation of production and markets to developing countries, its appeal is undiminished and its position as the world’s top show remains unquestioned.

In 2008 almost 1.5 million visitors, 13,000 accredited journalists from 100 countries and 80 World Premiers prove that it is no longer just a place where you can buy a car, but a true technological showcase where all the car manufacturers show off their know-how.

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