Empa a Swiss  interdisciplinary research and services institution  for material sciences and technology development, home of the Swiss Hydrogen Association “Hydropole”, and Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) in cooperation with Bucher Schörling, Proton Motor, BRUSA Elektronik AG, and Messer Switzerland have developed a communal vehicle running on hydrogen. „Bucher CityCat H2“ is the first vehicle of this kind in the world with fuel cell drive and will be tested for 18 months in different cities and communities in normal operation. The 55 kW Diesel engine and the hydraulic drive were replaced by a 20 kW fuel cell, electric motors, and a 7.5 kg H2 storage system. Using vehicles like this in areas like pedestrian zones and station halls or even in closed rooms like exhibition halls reduces the air pollution considerably in comparison to conventional vehicles usually running on Diesel. More info at the EMPA site.