Air pollution is topping the list of EU citizens environmental concerns throughout the EU.  As 15 years passed after the May 1, 2004  entry of 10 new Member States(MS) the Envrironmental Bureau EBB Member States  reported that only four MS submitted their required National Air Pollution Control Programmes reports, ‘within the deadline of by April 1, 2019. 14 MS still missed out by April 30, 2019.  As is clear from the map, MS lacking to comply with imporatant EU legal requirements is across the map of the EU…. a sad confirmation that indeed it is time to stop referring to “new” Member States” …..

Governments were required to consult with the public about the contents of their Air Pollution plans but another  recent EEB report  highlighted some of the problems undermining effective public participation in environmental decision making in the EU.