According to an EU Communication assessing the state of play of the internal energy market, to be completed by 2014 Member States have been slow in adjustingtheir national legislation and creating fully competitive markets with consumers’  involvement, they also need to move away from, and resist the calls for, inward-looking or nationally inspired policies. The Communication  encourages Member States to step up efforts, highlighting the benefits of a truly integrated European market for citizens and business. The document also identifies the need for further action in a number of areas including consumer protection, enforcing the existing rules and investing in the modernisation of energy infrastructure. The Commission also indicated that it will press public authorities ensuring that concessions, e.g. for hydro  power generation facilities, storage facilities or the operation of distribution grids, are  awarded in full compliance with Treaty principles and EU secondary legislation. The most appropriate way should be to put these concessions out to tender on a nondiscriminatory basis, using open instruments such as auctions. The Commission intends  to assess the adequacy of the existing regulatory measures for achieving this goal.  EURELECTRIC  pointed out in a reaction to the Communication that EU energy market integration must be speeded up to create greater flexibility in a system that is increasingly dominated by intermittent generation and called for a system approach to renewables and for stronger coordination of national market design changes.