When: 16 May, 2011

The 11th International Short Course and Advanced Research Workshop “Hydrogen Technologies and Infrastructure” in a series “Progress in Hydrogen Safety” will be held in Belfast 16-20 May 2011.

The brochure, programme and registration form can be found at http://hysafer.ulster.ac.uk/phs/forms/11thshortcourse.pdf.

5 bursaries are expected be available for attendees. Priority will be given to the members of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (IA HySafe) which is going to sponsor the bursaries (decision is pending). Closing date for bursary applications is 16 of April 2011. Information on membership in IA HySafe can be found at http://www.hysafe.org/IAHySafe.

Please contact Dr Sile Brennan for more details (sl.brennan@ulster.ac.uk)