The EU Parliament adopted on March 24 for a resolution calling on the European Commission to ensure “the best use of European funds available in support of jobs” to train and retrain workers in the car industry. It states that governments should provide the industry with faster and simpler access to financial aid by guaranteeing low-interest loans as demand droppoed 30.9% last January . The resolution urges Member States to increase the lending capacity of the European Investment Bank (EIB), in particular to provide funding for SMEs. Françoise Le Bail, deputy director-general of DG Enterprise department said that the EIB had not been quick enough to release funding in the past, but that banks were now in a better position to do so. MEPs were also promoted the role of green technologies in creating new jobs, driven particularly by the EU’s new climate legislation agreed in December. They requested the Commission to draw up guidelines for scrapping schemes and other incentives that encourage coordinated fleet renewal. The EHA is following the development of the Commission’s proposal on the EU Green Cars Initiative that is included in the Economic Recovery Plan that was published last November .