100% renewable targets will require power storage to manage flows on the net
Electrolysers utilise these intermittent power flows to produce H2 gas from water
H2 gas can be stored in large quantities underground and transported via existing gas pipelines
H2 vehicles recharge faster and are more durable than battery powered transport
Growing H2 demand in industrial processes will reduce costs and increase supply
The RAC Future Car Challenge is a  new motoring challenge for electric, hybrid and low-emission Cars, LCV’s and Motorcycles to use the lowest energy on a 60 mile route from Madeira Drive, Brighton to Pall Mall and Regent Street, London. This year the Toyota  FCHV_adv and Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell cars made their debut on UK roads. Both cars should hit the market in 2015. The Honda and Toyota cars will be also participating in the Drive and Ride of the General Stakeholders Meeting of the EU Joint Undertaking for fuel cells and hydrogen taking place novemebr 9-10 in Brussels; see also under “Events”. The BBC featured the Honda FCX Clarity in its evening news, pointing however to an unclear market perspective for fuel cell cars: more “clarity” on the market perspectives of fuel cell and other eletric drive trains is anticipated to come out of a McKinsey study that will present its first preliminary results on November 8 in Brussels.