TMS and Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Engineering North America, Inc. announced at the Detroit Motor Show that it will place 100 vehicles with universities, private companies and government agencies in both California and New York as aprt of  a three year course  demonstration program.  Toyota’s demonstration program expansion will provide one of the largest fleets of active fuel cell vehicles in the country with the primary goal of spurring essential hydrogen infrastructure development.  The demonstration program also will serve to demonstrate fuel cell technologies reliability and performance prior to its 2015 market introduction.

“We plan to come to market in 2015, or earlier, with a vehicle that will be reliable and durable, with exceptional fuel economy and zero emissions, at an affordable price,” said Irv Miller, TMS group vice president of environmental and public affairs.  “Toyota will not be alone in the fuel cell marketplace and building an extensive hydrogen re-fueling infrastructure is the critical next step.  Hopefully, expansion of demonstration programs like this one will serve as a catalyst.”