McPhy Energy S.A, announced the appointment of Roland Kaeppner as CEO for McPhy Energy Germany, effective August 1st.

Roland Kaeppner joins McPhy from his position as Vice President and Head of Siemens Hydrogen Solutions. He has deep roots in the electrochemical and industry infrastructure business and held various leadership functions within the Siemens Industry Sector. He will lead and build the new operations as part of McPhy’s global expansion strategy.

“Germany will play an essential role for building a future hydrogen economy. Our ambitious goals for the energy transition, hence expanding renewable energy generation can only be realized if economic energy storage technologies are implemented. In parallel, global players in the automotive, gas and oil industry are pushing fuel cell powered mobility with a strong focus on the German market. Hydrogen is a unique energy carrier which will leverage synergies between both demands and create new business opportunities where in some areas traditional industry, utility and mobility markets will merge.

McPhy Energy, a French based technology company, is developing and manufacturing commercial systems to store hydrogen based on innovative metal hydride technology and has recently signed contracts in France, the UK, Italy and Japan to demonstrate its technology leadership.

“We do believe that Germany will be a pioneer for a future hydrogen infrastructure. We are happy to have Roland Kaeppner on board with us, an internationally experienced manager, with an excellent track record and know-how of the energy and hydrogen market. He will be key to execute our strategy, to proactively build the German market and also build strategic partnerships”, says Pascal Mauberger, President and CEO of McPhy Energy S.A.