When: 24 May, 2012   Where: Thessaloniki, Greece

The International Conference “Hydrogen Energy for Life” on renewable hydrogen production will be held in Thessaloniki (Greece) on 24 May, 2012. This event is funded by the  LIFE+ BIOFUELS-2G project (www. biofuels2g.gr).
A key component of the BIOFUELS2G project is the implementation of a hydrolytic solar hydrogen production unit, which was designed and constructed by CERTH to demonstrate the potential of employing renewable hydrogen to increase the sustainability of 2nd generation biofuel production. Driven by this incentive, the H2Life conference aims to:

  • Highlight promising R&D activities in the fields of renewable hydrogen production
  • Outline recent demonstration projects highlighting hydrogen production
  •  Promote networking between academic and industrial stakeholders Initiate PrivatePublic Partnerships (PPPs).


The tentative agenda includes:

  •  LIFE program Open Day presentation
  •  Biofuels2G Project presentation
  • R&D – Demo Projects presentations on the hydrogen economy and production
  • During the event a tour of the hydrogen production site will be held with a live
  • demonstration of the Biofuels2G production process.

This event is employed as 20th year anniversary event of LIFE program.
Interested participants are invited to register by sending contact details (name, company and telephone) to: h2life@cperi.certh.gr