The FCEV and EV Drive and Ride at the Hannover Fair is a big success: long lines, even in the rain, are forming the first days of the fair for test drives . The Fair with more than 5.000 exhibitors, over half foreign, has seen an increase of exhibitors of 8%.  “Greenintelligence” has been the fair’s theme over recent years and the clean energy and clean transport showcases are also this year very prominent. The Drive and Ride includes the VW Tuareg HyMotion, Daimler FCELL,  Honda FCX Clarity and Toyota FCHV adv and Opel  HydroGen4, who is bringing 10 FCEV to the fair.

The cars are being refuelled by Linde’s  “traiLH2gas” mobile station with hydrogen generated from biodiesel by-products from Linde’s new pilot plant in Leuna, Germany. The hydrogen was certified by TÜV SÜD, in time for the Hannover Fair.  At this year’s show, Linde will be the sole supplier of hydrogen for the fuel-cell vehicles organised by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP). The pyroreforming process developed by Linde on the basis of raw glycerine has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 50 percent compared with conventional hydrogen production processes using natural gas. Advancing the pilot facility to a commercial-scale, fully mature production plant would increase potential greenhouse gas savings to up to 80 percent.

“For the first time, we now have a certified source of green hydrogen to power zero-emissions fuel-cell cars throughout Germany,” says Dr Andreas Opfermann, Head of Clean Energy and Innovation Manage­ment atLinde. “Working with our research partners, we will be exploring other feedstocks and technol­ogies to produce sustainable hydrogen on an even broader scale in future.”

The mobile refuelling unit will be located in the outdoor area to the east of Hall 27. Visitors to the show can take a zero-emissions test drive and find out exactly how this innovative refuelling solution works. Looking beyond HANNOVER MESSE,Linde will also supply certified green hydrogen to existing hydrogen refuelling stations in Berlin and Hamburg plus the 20 additional stations which Linde and Daimler plan to construct in Germany over the next three years.