The European Commission last July  opened a consultation on the Second Strategic Energy Review. In the context of the rapid change in the global energy situation, with the main lines of EU energy policy established, both the European Council (March 2008 European Council, Presidency conclusions, par.25) and the European Parliament (European Parliament Resolution (2007)413 “Towards a common European foreign policy on energy”) have underlined the importance which they attach to enhancing the energy security of the EU and its Member States and to further developing the external dimension of the EU energy policy. Responding to this, the 2nd Strategic Energy Review to be prepared by the Commission and will focus mainly on the related issues of security of supply and external relations. In its contribution the EHA emphasized the need for support and collaboration on more efficient use of conventional fuels in for example fuel cells and the development of energy storage solutions including hydrogen. The consultation closed on September 10, 2008.