At the last EHA Annual General Meeting the Czech Hydrogen and Fuel cell Platform , was welcomed as EHA 15 th natioanl association member. On July 15 the inauguration of the worlds first fuel cell triple hybrid linenbus, that will go into operation this summer, took place in Prague. The project is a cooperation between Skoda Electric, the systems integrator and electrical components, the UJV Nuclear Research Institute , R&D and project coordination and Proton Motor, which produced and delivered the fuel cell triple hybrid propulsion system.The triple hybrid system is a world first combination of a fuel cell, batteries and ultra capacitors, allowing saving and further use of useful braking energy. The system is reported as saving up to 50% of energy as compared with a conventional bus drivetrain. The chassis of the new bus is a standard 12 meter with 18 tonne combined weight. The new drivetrain allows produces up to 120 kW of power, can travel up to 65 km/hr and with a full tank can travel 250km before refuelling. The hydrogen is stored on board in 350 bar compressed cylinders and carriers 20kg of hydrogen when full.