The Commission’s latest progress report on the share of renewable energies in the electricity and transport sectors, published on 24 April, 2009 showed that EU Member States have been making patchy progress towards their 2010 targets  Therefore the EU would only reach a 19% share for electricity (instead of 21%), and 4% instead of 5.75% in the transport sector. Germany however has reached its targets, but many countries  fall behind. In the electricity sector, for example, renewable shares have not grown at all, and in seven countries have even declined since 2004.The Commission commented that administrative procedures, grid access and lack of adequate support measures are to blame for member states’ poor performance. It argued that an enhanced legislative framework is needed to overcome these well-known barriers. According to the Commission he recent Renewable Energy Directive agreed in December as part of a package of climate legislationthe Union is in a “far better position” to facilitate the development of renewable energy sources over the next 12 years. The current directive mandates the Commission to start infringement proceedings against member states that fail to fulfil their obligations. It has initiated 61 legal proceedings since 2004, most of which were against Italy. 16 remain unresolved, with the new directive set to come into in May 2009.