First courses for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen applications (KnowHy) in Spain
First courses for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen applications (KnowHy) – Core module course Register here KnowHy brings together practical training in hydrogen, Fuel Cells and their on»
FCX Clarity presented in Spain
On 13th June 2011 the Spanish Hydrogen Association organized in collaboration with car manufacturer, Honda the “Official Presentation of the FCX Clarity in Madrid” on»
10th edition of the course of hydrogen and fuel cells
Coordinated by the Spanish Hydrogen Association ( and the Energy and Environment ARIEMA, SL ( over 200 students have taken part in the course with the help of professional experts in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The 10th edition began on the 30th of May untill July 8th. on»
7th edition on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Spanish Hydrogen Association has prepared the seventh edition of an online Hydrogen course on»
Hychain project delivers 13 FCV’s to Spanish municpality
The Hychain-Minitrans project, coordinated by Air Liquide, develops fleets of small hydrogen-powered urban vehicles on»
A Spanish Formula Zero team, EuplatecH2, won the Formula Zero Grand Prix held in Rotterdam on»
Spain: Zaragoza inaugurated the World Expo 2008 in hydrogen fashion.
From May 1, 2008, a hydrogen fuelling station is operating in Zaragoza as part of the celebration of the International Exposition (Zaragoza-EXPO 2008) on»