Baden-Wuerttemberg award for innovative fuel cel technology 2009
In recognition of exceptional developments in one of the new century's most fascinating technologies, and to stimulate further innovation, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Environment and on»
City of Hamburg signs major agreement for more hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen refuelling stations.
On 24 March 2009, Daimler, Shell, TOTAL, Vattenfall Europe, and hySOLUTIONS signed an agreement with the City of Hamburg to build a low-emission fleet of on»
Hydrogen Press Conference in German Parliament
At the Annual press conference of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, DWV, at the Presss office of the German Parliament on Febraury 18, on»
Taking the North Rhine Westphalia HyWay.
The „NRW Hydrogen HyWay" was inaugurated by Dr on»
On the occasion of a Government supported seminar on electric vehicles GM released 10 Equinox FCV's that will be used by different types of customers on»
Last month saw the opening of the upgraded 700 bar hydrogen filling station in Berlin with the filling of the fuel cell car Hydro-Gen4 by on»
The German National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme" (NIP) is off to an impressive start on»
German government announced a plan to establish an International Energy Security University in Berlin
ZEMSHIPS is a project for the realization of the first fuel cell powered passenger ship world wide in the category of up to 100 passengers on»