Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technical Conference 2017
This annual conference has been established to provide a platform for fuel cell and hydrogen researchers and industry to meet and discuss new developments, ..read on»
EHEC 2018 Call for abstracts takes off
The European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC), Europe's conference of reference in the field of hydrogen energy, will be celebrated in Spain in 2018 ..read on»
WHTC 2017 Progamme Published
The World Hydrogen Technology Programme that will be held from July 9 - 11 2017 in Prague, is still subject to change; the  final and ..read on»
10th Energy Storage World Forum and the 4th Residential Energy
10th Energy Storage World Forum (Large Scale Application Focus) & 4th Residential Energy Storage Forum are featuring 60+ new researched topics addressed by speakers from ..read on»
7th World Hydrogen Technology Convention, July 9-12, 2017 Prague
The 7th Hydrogen Technology Convention will be held together with the Czech Hydrogen Days 2017 ..read on»
6th Polish Forum SMART ENERGY: Conversion and Storage
The 5th Polish Forum SMART ENERGY conversion & storage will take place in Bialka Tatrzanska, from 22nd to 25th of September 2015 ..read on»
Romanian Hydrogen Association Hosts 36th Modern Science and Energy Conference – May 17th 19th
TIINTA MODERNA SI ENERGIA (MODERN SCIENCE AND ENERGY), SME 2017”, 36th edition, may 17 to 19, 2017
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technical Conference, 31st May -1st June, Birmingham
On the 31 May/1 June 2017 4th Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technical Conference, Birmingham The conference will host these themes, covered by industry and academia, such as: ..read on»
10th (!!) Bruges Workshop on Progress in Fuel Cell Systems, Bruges, Belgium
The series of events started as the dissemination activity of the FP6 Integrated Project LargeSOFC, led by VTT in Finland ..read on»
14th Fuel Cell Summer School / 2017 Joint European Summer School on Fuel Cell, Electrolyser, Battery, and Hydrogen Technology, Athens
The Summer School focuses on: Introduction to Fuel Cell, Electrolyser, and Battery Technologies The increase in energy production from renewable sources creates a demand for energy storage ..read on»