EHA Summer Brief 2: Coolest FCH spots in Europe
Our coolest H2 spot last week was undoubtfully the quiet and empty CHIC hydrogen bus on line 84 in the centre of 35 degree on»
Carrefour spo(r)ts H2 powered FC forklift trucks
The Carrefour Group, as a new GenDrive fuel cell customer in Europe, will purchase 57 Plug Power GenDrive units, to be  deployed in STILL-brand class-2 on»
Ukrainian start up of new zirconia-based SOFC looking for investors
The Laboratory for Ceramic Fuel Cells at Ukrainian Frantcevych Institute for Problems of Materials Science on»
Ulm opens 21st public refuelling station in Germany
The Twenty-first public hydrogen refeulling station opened in Ulm this July, funded as the research and development project of German federal government through the National Innovation Programme for on»
H2 Spotting: Ocean floor produce large quantities of hydrogen
A new study suggests that the ocean floor might be a large, overlooked source of hydrogen gas on»
H2 Spotting: EU launches global project investment portal:
As part of the Investment Plan for Europe the recently established European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) offers an opportunityto  provide greater transparency about EU investment on»
H2 Spotting: 2016 batch of EU energy infrastructure projects approved
On July 15, 2016  EU Member States approved  €263 million funding in key trans-European energy infrastructure projects,of which the largest part will go to gas on»
Register now for online H2 and FC technician course and start this September!
The FCH JU -funded project KnowHy, carried out a by a consortium of experienced partners in fuel cells and hydrogen technology all over Europe, has on»