EHA featuring expertise in national hydrogen infrastructure development.
The EHA has been collaborating with its 21 national member associations to communicate relevant EU and project results to key stakeholders at national and local level. Over 300 companies active in hydrogen fuel cell development are represented by the EHA national associations. As an associate partner of the European Association for the Storage of Energy, EASE , EHA industry members have contributed relevant hydrogen storage information to the EU Roadmap for Energy Storage Technologies that EASE is developing collaboration with ERA and the Commission to map the technology development needs that could be included in future EU work programs. The EHA is also activating its national members to get in touch with their transport ministries to collect the responses of national governments to the EU Clean Power for Transport package that was presented last January. on»
Geneva Motor Show 2013
The 2013 Geneva International Motor Show 2013 has highlighted the technological development of car manufacturers and suppliers.  It is the first international motor show to dedicate an entire section specifically devoted to the theme of vehicles powered by alternative energy systems and renewable fuel sources. With that in mind they created the Pavillion Vert to present to visitors the future of more economical and environmentally friendly vehicles. on»
Romania set to join European Hydrogen Association
The EHA would like to welcome its newest application for membership from the Romanian Association for Hydrogen Energy under the leadership of Mr Iordache Ioan on»
Has anyone seen the fuel cell car?
Dr Ulrich Schmidtchen  from the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV) gives an overview of the current situation. The new year has just begun, but we have already seen quite a number of changes concerning the car makers developing fuel cell cars. on»
EHA National Member Associations at Hannover Messe 2013
EHA is organising its annual presence, together with our German, Spanish, Latvian and Italian organisations at the H2 and FC Group Exhibit on»
9th Annual International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference
Organised by Climate Change Solutions, the 9th Annual International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference will take place on 20-21 March 2013, in Birmingham. The conference will on»
EASE Policy Breakfast
EASE will hold a policy breakfast on the topic of DG Energy’s Working Paper “the future role and challenges of Energy Storage”. The event which will be attended by Mr Jean Marie Bemtgen DG Energy on»
ITM Power: First Sale in Japan
EHA Member, ITM Power the energy storage and clean fuel company, announced in February  that it has sold the first reference plant based on the HPac platform to a company in Japan, which at this stage wishes to remain anonymous. on»
Hyundai to start assembly line production of ix35 Fuel Cell Vehicle
On 26 February 2012, Hyundai delivered the first white Hyundai ix35 fuel cell vehicle at the company’s Ulsan manufacturing facility at a launch event. on»
UK H2 Mobility releases Phase 1 Results
UKH2Mobility, a new government cross industry programme has released a synopsis of its Phase 1 results. on»