Third Polish Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Forum
The third Polish Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Forum will be held on 29-30 November 2011 in Warsaw as a satellite conference of the SET Plan conference associated with the acquisition of Poland’s presidency of the European Union.
The theme of the Third Forum will be smart materials for use in hydrogen and renewable energy applications. on»
FP7 Information Days – 2012 calls
In order to support the preparation of proposals for the new Calls for Proposals and preparation for proposals on Energy and other topics under the FP7, the European Commission’s Directorates-General are organising various Information Days in July 2011 in the Charlemagne Building, rue de la Loi n° 170, in Brussels: July 7, 11-12, and 18-19. on»
European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEE–F) Launched
On 1st July 2011, the Commission launched a new European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEE-F) as part of the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR). It will allocate around EUR 146 million from the EEPR (3.7% of the total EEPR envelope) towards a new financial facility dedicated to projects in energy efficiency and renewable energies. This EU contribution comes from funds mobilised for the EEPR in 2009 which could not immediately be allocated to projects in the sectors of infrastructure, off-shore wind and carbon capture and storage. The setting up of the fund follows an agreement between the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament in December 2010 to a European Commission proposal. The EEE-F will invest in energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, particularly in urban settings, achieving at least 20% energy saving or GHG/CO2 emission reduction.
The fund will offer a wide range of financial products such as senior and junior loans, guarantees or equity participation to local, regional and (where justified) national public authorities to promote sustainable energy investments. on»
Hydrogen Station Opens in Denmark
A 700 bar fast-fill hydrogen refuelling station opened this week in Holstebro, Denmark. Capable of refuelling a fuel cell vehicle in less than three minutes, this station is the first of its type in the area and is one of the first steps towards forming a countrywide network by 2015; networks of this type will be needed by then to meet the demands of fuel cell vehicle fleets scheduled for commercialisation at that time.
Developed by H2 Logic A/S and operated by Danish energy company Vestforsyning A/S the project was supported by funding from the Danish EUDP program. Built in accordance with standard SAE J 2601, the station features a standardised dispenser nozzle and meets other requirements for speed of refuelling; hence it will be universally suitable for use with fuel cell vehicles meeting this standard.
The ultimate aim of projects like this is to attract the initial rollouts of fuel cell vehicles through facilitating the necessary infrastructure. A B-Class Mercedes F-CELL was showcased alongside the station to demonstrate the refuelling technology. on»
Another year for EHA was marked with the 11th EHA Annual General Assembly that took place on June 21, 2011 in Oslo, hosted by the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum and the Region of Akkershus. During the meeting Ballast Nedam, a multinational construction company active in gas refuelling station building, was accepted as an EHA industry member and the Irish Hydrogen Association as the EHA’s 20th national association member. This year’s AGM featured the Scandinavian national associations members of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and several Scandinavian companies presenting their latest activities (see presentations under EHA in Action). A visit to Oslo ‘s 700 bar hydrogen refuelling facility and recharging spots demonstrated the impressive progress Region of Akkershus is making in decarbonzing Oslo’s urban transport.
This summer many stakeholders in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry will be busy preparing their proposals before the deadline on August 18, 2011, following the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking publishing of the call for proposals (May 3, 2011). The EHA is verifying participation as a dissemination partner in various proposals leveraging its coverage in now 20 European countries through its national association membership. In addition the EC is launching its FP7 2012 Call this July; information days will take place July 7, 11-12, and 18-19 for the topics Energy Research, Public Private Partnerships and Transport. on»
Commission adopts proposal Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020
The Commission on June 29, 2011 presented its proposal Council Regulation  laying down the multiannual financial framework for the years 2014-2020 that should facilitate business-driven research and innovation through the use of public funding to leverage private investments. on»
Successful EHA Annual General Assembly in Oslo!
The 11th EHA Annual General Assembly that took place on June 21, 2011 at Akershus Fylkeskommune, left of the main entrance to Akershus Fylkeskommune. This edition featured at 11:30 Scandinavian national associations presenting the latest developments in their countries and Scandinavain industries were invited to showcase their latest hydrogen and fuel cell system solutions. The meeting concluded with a luncheon and a tour program in the afternoon visiting the Oslo electro-mobility projects including the hydrogen transport demo sites. See downloads for presentations from the full day of events. on»
European Parliament Seminar: Joint seminar on youth employment
On June 30th the the employment committee of the European parliament, hosted a seminar “What is Europe doing for youth employment?”.
EHA took the opportunity to ask the panel of speakers in light of the activities of the HyPROFESSIONALS project, of the EU’s plans to address the changing demands in the new innovative job markets, such as hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. on»
Hydrogenics Awarded Hydrogen Fuelling Station in Germany
Hydrogenics announced on an award to supply a HySTAT™-60 electrolyzer for a hydrogen fueling station to be based in southern Germany.The electrolyzer will be capable of producing up to 130 kilograms per day of green hydrogen fuel from wind power to be used in electric fuel cell vehicles. on»
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: France’s National Program
The French National Research Agency in 2005 launched a research program on new energy technologies. on»