Towards a Joint Vision on H2 Infrastructure Roll-Out
Over the past months EHA has been involved in numerous actions with the overall objective to prepare the European context for Hydrogen transport and energy infrastructure. Through Consultations on the Strategic Transport and Technology Plan, Smart Cities Initiative and presence at the Cars 21 working group meetings, EHA was able to emphasize the need to start integrating hydrogen requirements in current transport and energy infrastructure planning while underlining needed technology improvements in battery electric and fuel cell electric power trains to reduce costs, large scale energy storage, smart grids facilitating the deployment of low carbon transport applications. The TEN-T, the Trans-European Network for Transport, will also include a calls for introducing innovative technologies into transport infrastructure projects. During the next info day that will take place June 29 2011, much emphasis will be put in the application of new technologies in transport infrastructure. on»
Smart Cities Consultation Submitted
EHA has taken part in submission for the Consultation on Smart Cities and Communities Initiative.
The procedure aims to indicate priority areas and next actions in terms of relevant projects and funding schemes for Smart Cities development. on»
Daimler and Linde provide H2 refuelling network throughout Germany
Car manufacturer Daimler and technology company The Linde Group are pressing ahead with the development of an infrastructure for hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles. Over the coming three years, the two companies plan to construct an additional 20 hydrogen filling stations in Germany, thereby ensuring a supply of hydrogen produced purely from renewable resources for the steadily increasing number of fuel-cell vehicles on the roads. The initiative links in with the existing H2 Mobility and Clean Energy Partnership infrastructure projects, which are being subsidised by the National Innovation Programme for hydrogen and fuel-cell technology (NIP). on»
KIA fuel cell electric vehicles launched in Copenhagen – first time in Europe
May 12, 2011 two of the latest state of the art fuel cell electric vehicles from Hyundai KIA were showcased in Copenhagen for the first time in Europe. The launch took place at an event hosted by the City of Copenhagen, with participation of Capital Mayors of the Nordic Countries. on»
Germany decommissions nuclear power plants by 2022
German environment minister Norbert Rottgen announced on May 30, 2011 that the 17-strong German nuclear power plant fleet will be decommissioned by 2022. "The seven oldest reactors that on»
Mercedes F-Cell World Drive Comes to a Successful Finish
Daimler announced that its 30,000 km F-Cell World Drive had finished on schedule outside the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. This was the world’s first round-the-world drive with fuel cell vehicles. Collectively, the three cars have covered more than 90,000 km with zero emissions. on»
TEN-T Info Day, Brussels – 29 June 2011
Registrations are now officially open for the 2011 TEN-T Info Day which will be held on Wednesday 29 June 2011 in the Borschette Center in Brussels (Belgium), similarly to the 2009 edition. on»
Strategic Transport Technology Plan Stakeholders meeting and consultation
The EHA participated in the Stakeholders Meeting that was organized by DG MOVE to present the EU efforts in establishing a Strategic Transport Technology Plan (STTP)  on May 24, 2010.  The STTP is scheduled to be published by mid 2011. on»
The Climate Parliament Global Conference
The Climate Parliament held a global conference in the European Parliament to discuss how limited public funds can best directed to generate a surge of private investment in renewable energy on May 26th and 27th. on»
10th edition of the course of hydrogen and fuel cells
Coordinated by the Spanish Hydrogen Association ( and the Energy and Environment ARIEMA, SL ( over 200 students have taken part in the course with the help of professional experts in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The 10th edition began on the 30th of May untill July 8th. on»