In view of the recently announced financing programmes of the European Energy Programme for Recovery (see under EU Policy), that covers support for new Interconnections, on»
Online: new website Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
The EU Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (JU FCH) has put its new website online with information on calls, projects and events
EEPR Call published: € 3,93 bln for CCS, Wind and Interconnections
The European Energy Programme for Recovery, EEPR,  regulation establishes a financing instrument for the development of projects in the field of energy in the EU on»
EHA attended conference “Sustainable Development, a challenge for European Research”
On May 26-28, 2009 the European Commission organised a tree day conference on "Sustainable Development, a challenge for European Research" on»
Marie Curie Hydrogen Research Network meets in Warsaw
The third meeting Marie Curie Research Training Network "Hydrogen" will take place from October 21-25, 2009 in Warsaw on»
EHA to meet with Brussels Environment Agency to discuss H2 strategy
In order to ensure greater visibility of hydrogen applications to Brussels key decsion makers, the EHA has facilitated several meetings between EHA members and EU on»
MIT predicts global temperatures will rise twice as much.
Earth's median surface temperature could rise 5.2 degrees C) by 2100, the scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found, compared to a 2003 study on»
1st Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Brokerage Event, Cologne on Tuesday 19th of May 2009
This event will provide you with a great opportunity to meet and discuss the upcoming 2nd call and form partnerships with colleagues from Industry and on»
Morphic Energy Fuel Cell signed a contract with Narbonne Associates for the dissemination of its Polaris 140 Fuel Cell
On May 15, 2009, a Swedish engineering group, Morphic Exergy Fuel Cells who operates in the areas of fuels cells and wind power, signed a on»
Baden-Wuerttemberg award for innovative fuel cel technology 2009
In recognition of exceptional developments in one of the new century's most fascinating technologies, and to stimulate further innovation, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Environment and on»