World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2010 is opening its doors on May 16!
The World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2010, that will be held from May 16-21, 2010 in Essen, Germany, is opeing its doors on May 16 on»
Brussels is bubbling with dossiers that require active contributions of our industry: the EU Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles Strategy, as presented by the EU Commission on»
EU Commission issues consultation on Energy Strategy 2011 -2020
The overall goal of European energy policy is to ensure that consumers and enterprises obtain safe, secure, sustainable and low-carbon energy at affordable and competitive on»
EU’s Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles Strategy calls for joint action on infrastructure.
The European Hydrogen Association, EHA, ( welcomes the Commission’s Communication on Clean and Energy Efficient Vehciles (COM 2010/186) as an important step forward in on»
Will H2 distribution be included in Trans-European Transport Network planning?
The Commission’s Green Paper on the future development of the Trans-European Transport Network, published in February 2009, launched a review of the TEN-T policy. Based on the work of six expert groups dealing with specific issues of TEN-T planning and implementation, the Commission elaborated a proposal for a new methodology for TEN-T planning. Working Group 3 on Intelligent Transport Systems and New Technologies suggested that alternative fuelling solutions (including related networks) by providing parallel options in order to maximise decarbonisation (CNG (compresse d natural gas), LNG (liquefied natural gas), LPG, hydrogen, fast charge, battery exchange stations etc.) should be included in TEN-T road projects as a condition for eligibility. on»
EU, UK and US issue renewable storage funding
With the increase in the use of renewable energy sources, the need for effective storage becomes greater on»
BMW integrates a 5 kW fuel cell in new hybride 1 series.
BMW's Forschung und Technik GmbH celebrates its silver anniversary and revealed the fuel cell hybrid series concept on»
EHA at H2 and 16th H2 + FC Group Exhibit in Hannover: H2 in the air!
Across from the EHA stand at the 16th H2 and FC Group Exhibit the ZSW of Ulm is demonstrating its Airport Scooter to pull luggage lorries through airports. Although not much of that is happening these days, ZSW is looking at deploying these vehicles in all locations where indoor material handling requires zero emissions and extended ranges. DLR is demonstrating its paraglide equipped with a fuel cell that completed successful test flights.   These applications are just two of the many that are featured in a new special demonstration area at the fair.  Despite the cancellation of oversees exhibitors due to flight restrictions as a result of the volcano eruption in Iceland, this year’s 16th edition of the H2 and FC Group Exhibit at the Hannover Fair attracted many new exhibitors and  looks bigger, feels better and  is positioned now in the same hall as renewable energy systems and electro mobility solutions. on»
Spanish presidency presses EU for fast support of electric vehicles
At a seminar at the EU Parliament on April 15, organised by Spanish MEP Teresa Riera Madurell, the Spanish Secretary General for Industry, Teresa Santero, presented her on»
EU Commission will present Energy Action Plan this May.
The EU Commission  announced its plan to present the EU Energy Action Plan for 2010- 2014 this May as a follow-up to the 2007-2009 the approved  common European 20-20-20 energy policy and energy market policy in 2007 that resulted in the adoption of the energy and climate package. The Spanish EU presidency has presented a report on the priorities for the Action Plan taking the EU’s Second Strategic Energy Review as the basis.  While the 2007-2009 plan concentrated on sustainability and the internal market, the new roadmap would focus on security of supply issues and technology development, including a revision of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Action Plan. The new energy Commissioner, Guenther Oettinger, said he would present proposals at the beginning of next year. on»