EU adopts Directive to promote clean vehicles in public fleets.
Om March 30, 2008  the Council of the EU adopted a Directive (COM 2007/475) to promote energy efficient road transport vehicles in  public fleets on»
Hydrogen in transport crucial to achieve emission targets says NHA.
The US National Hydrogen Association, NHA,  released a new report called the "Energy Evolution:  An Analysis of Alternative Vehicles and Fuels to 2100" showing that a scenario on»
EU Eco Innovation Call for SME’s is open.
Through the Eco-innovation funding scheme, the EU supports innovative products, services and technologies that can make a better use of our natural resources and reduce on»
EHA attended Thematic Workshop of Convenant of the Mayors.
EHA attended the Convenant of the Mayors event organised by Energie Cités and the Climate Alliance who are both managing the new office of the on»
EHA participates in an EU Policy Forum with Bosch and JTI at Hannover Fair
The EHA was invited to participate in an EU Policy Forum with Bosch and JTI at Hannover Fair on»
The US Department of Energy on May 7 announced significant cuts in  hydrogen transport  funding for 2010, as it says it will be concentrating  on on»
German Transport Minisiter compliments H2 and FC companies at Hannover Fair
The German Transport minsiter Wolfgang Tiefensee visited the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Group Exhibit in Hannover expressing his great admiration for the accomplishments of the on»