McPhy Energy signs contract with Enel Group for solid hydrogen storage
McPhy Energy has announced that the company has signed a contract with the Enel Group, Italy for the supply of a solid hydrogen storage solution. The system has a capacity of 2 kilograms of solid hydrogen, stored in the form of magnesium hydrides (which do not require compression), offering an innovative solution for safe, reversible hydrogen storage, with energy efficiency. A prototype of the system design was validated through a series of tests at the CEA-LITEN (the French national Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials in Grenoble, France). The test tank was coupled to an electrolyser and to a fuel cell, successfully demonstrating the storage of renewable energy. on»
The announcement of the EU Spanish presidency of an EU Electric Car Plan dominated the news in the first few days of the newly appointed on»
EU Commission will table Green Car Strategy by May 25-26, 2010
EU Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani met with ministers in charge of industry on 19 February identifying green technologies as a strategic medium-term perspective for the on»
Solvay will build a very large fuel cell at SolVin’s Antwerp plant
Solvay announces today it will invest over EUR 5 million in the construction of a test fuel cell with a total electric power of 1 megawatt (MW) at the SolVin plant in Lillo, Antwerp, Belgium. The investment is part of the Project Hydrogen Region Flanders – South Netherlands. The fuel cell will convert hydrogen produced by electrolysis at SolVin’s plant into electricity and by doing so increase the energy efficiency of the electrolysis. This Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell will demonstrate fuel cell technology can be scaled-up to a peak output of 1.7 MW and a generation of 1 MW at steady rate, by using Solvay’s innovative special polymers and SolviCore’s membrane electrode assemblies. The test fuel cell will also be used by WaterstofNet vzw for research and test programs to support and promote the development of the use of hydrogen in the region. on»
2011 NHA Conference & Expo, 13 – 16 February 2011
The NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo is the largest hydrogen conference in the U.S
Portugese Hydrogen Association publishes Lisbon Statement on Hydrogen
The Portugese Hydrogen Association APH2 published the “Lisbon Statement on Hydrogen” to draw governments  attentioin to the need to speed up the support for sustainable hydrogen infrastrucutre developments. The statement urges  overnments  to boost directly
or indirectly the implementation of a Hydrogen based Economy. on»
Air Products receives Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Award
Air Products has been awarded the prestigious Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Award for its innovative Series 100 Hydrogen Fueling Station technology. The technology, which is helping break down barriers to the development of the hydrogen economy, clearly fit the Award’s aims of promoting and celebrating leading environmental technologies in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland.
The Air Products Series 100 Hydrogen Fueling Station has been an important enabler in changing industry and consumer perception in the UK as to the validity and safety of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier. The Rushlight Award acknowledges the success of this fully integrated fueling station in meeting the needs of hydrogen fueling test and demonstration programs. The Series 100’s features include simple operation for hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing, a small footprint, quick installation and ease of relocation. Details on Air Products’ hydrogen fueling station technologies are provided at the Air Products website. on»
ENI opens another hydrogen / natural gas mixture station near Milan
On February 8 the President of the Region of Lombardy Formigoni inaugurated the first hydrogen- natural gas mixture  station in L in Milan. The use of on»
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Organisations explain the role of hydrogen in electric transport
The Industry Grouping of the Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, NEW IG, Fuel Cell Europe, the European Regions and Municpalities Partnership for  fuel on»