This month important EU programs for the commercialization of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell applications gathered in Brussels and Antwerp. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking celebrated its mid-term Stakeholder General Assembly highlighting the contribution of several projects to its commercialization objective. EHA participates as dissemination partner in 5 projects that were included: HyFACTS, FC-HyGuide, SHEL, HyLIFT-DEMO, HyPROFESSIONALS.
In the keynote on the following day the need to leverage more public funding at all levels to support a smooth market roll out was one of the key messages. Following the events, the EHA interviewed FCH JU president of the Governing Board Pierre Etienne Franc and asked him how he views the role of national associations as well as the EHA.
The EU Trans European Network for Transport invited the president of HyER , the renamed HyRaMP Partnership for Hydrogen Fuels Cells and Electro-Mobility in European Regions, to its info days on the new TEN-T Guidelines in Antwerp to present his views on how hydrogen and fuel cell technologies could best be integrated in the TEN-T network in the coming 20 years. The EHA and HyER are currently exploring the preparation of proposal under the upcoming TEN-T Call. on»
“Backing Hydrogen deployment” Politically and Financially – Interview with Pierre Etienne Franc
This year’s edition of the FCH JU stakeholder’s meeting brought to light inspiring developments of the past year, while increased participation of European level decision makers flagged that the sector is receiving more national and European political support. EHA took the opportunity to discuss the event and impressions with Mr. Pierre Etienne Franc, current Chairman of the Governing Board of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), the European industry-led private-public partnership working towards acceleration of market deployment of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. Mr. Franc has more than 15 years of experience from the Air Liquide Group, most recently heading its Technologies of the Future department. He takes up the lead of the Joint Undertaking at a crucial stage of the debate regarding the future of European energy and transport systems as well as the financial framework for the application of new technologies. on»
EU project development course in Hungary
The FP7 Winter Academy offers a three-day February 7th-10th winter course covering all stages of an EU project development. Participants will learn the difference between FP7 and other EU programmes and get an in-depth look at the entire life-cycle of an EU project, including financial reporting and post project audits.  They will learn how to identify a call and submit a proposal in FP7. The course combines 1,5 days of proposal development and evaluation, and 2 days of project management. on»
Après-midi H2 conference Midi Pyrénées
The Après-midi H2 conference will take place December 19th 2011 at the Luxembourg Palace Paris, France. The event is organized by the pHyrenees, a local hydrogen organization representing the French region of Midi Pyrénées. High-Level decision makers and industry representatives will gather at the meeting to exchange views on status and opportunities. During the event, HyER Chair, Andreas Ziolek, will present the Broadened HyER partnership, its new activities, and will outline the association’s future plans. on»
Report on Financial and technology outlook on FCH in Europe 2014 – 2020
The “Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies in Europe; Financial and technology outlook on the European sector ambition 2014 – 2020” was made public this November 2011 during the FCH JU stakeholder assembly which took place in Brussels. The Report summarizes the sector’s financial ambition to reach Europe’s objectives in 2020. The estimated investments are split into traditional R&D and Demonstration efforts, totaling around €6.4 bn and a newer effort to take place in relation to market introduction investments, estimated at around €11.5 bn. The role and responsibility of Industry will increase with increased proximity to the market. The respective contemplated roles of Member States and the European Union and other supporting financial institutions are explored in detail in the document. on»
Hydrogenics Awarded Swiss Hydrogen Station Order
Hydrogenics was awarded to deliver one HySTAT(TM)60 electrolyser, capable to produce 130kg a day of pure hydrogen. It will be part of a complete electrolysis-based fueling station awarded to Carbagas, a fully owned subsidiary of the Air Liquide group. The electrolyser will be delivered to the city of Brugg in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland at the beginning of 2012 as part of the CHIC, a European demonstration project of fuel cell buses ( on»
FCH JU 4th Stakeholder’s General Assembly
The European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) hosted the 4th Stakeholder’s General Assembly on November 22-23 2011 in Brussels. The event presented that Europe has reached a decisive stage in achieving its decarbonisation objectives by 2050 and hydrogen and fuel cells technologies are key in reaching the objectives set forth.
Significant investments have been made by industrial, research, and political stakeholders to push the technological development and market entry. Regulatory and adequate financing mechanisms are needed to overcome the remaining barriers to deployment and encourage early adopters of these innovative technologies to move forward. With limited financial resources and an investment climate under pressure, concerted action between all stakeholders is more than ever essential to foster a successful integration of fuel cells and hydrogen in the European energy and transport system.
During the Stakeholder’s General Assembly, all areas of industry and research as well as EU and national policy makers exchanged what is needed to bridge the gap between demonstrations to commercial deployment of these clean technologies as well as on the pooling of resources and policies. on»
Horizon 2020: Commission proposes €80 billion investment 2014-2020
The European Commission has presented an €80 billion package for research and innovation funding, as part of the drive to create sustainable growth and new jobs in Europe. The new programme, “Horizon 2020″ will make it easier for applicants to seek funding and is designed to help bring more good ideas to market. on»
Hera Group to open a Laboratory for Hydrogen Energy (HLab) in Forly, Italy
The HLab will be one of the few labs in Italy that receives energy from renewable sources (photovoltaic) and uses a fuel cell cogeneration system. All new technologies will be carefully studied to identify the most efficient and more attractive for industrial production. The laboratory is expected to become fully operational in 2012 and will focus on research on renewable and alternative energy sources. on»
TEN-T Info Day to be held on January 31, 2012
The Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA) will organize its annual TEN-T Info Day on Tuesday 31 January 2012 at the Borschette Conference Centre in Brussels, Belgium
The aim of the Info Day is to allow prospective applicants for TEN-T 2012 Call to gather all the available information which they will be able to use in the preparation of their proposal. on»