This past month has given way to new developments in the visibility of hydrogen in Europe on»
Production of ZEM Evolution Buses to start next year
ZEM Evolution is a new Italian bus manufacturer, developing at this moment a range of electric and hybrid buses, including a hydrogen fuel cell version. The company formed last year in Brescia and headed by engineer mechanical Pierpaolo Fusari, founder of EPT (Eco Power Technology), a manufacturer of hybrid buses. Recently, ZEM Evolution unveiled designs for two buses (from 8 to 10 meters in length) and two chassis for garbage trucks. “Plans are to start production in 2011,” announced Fusari, who adds that the ZEM Evolution vehicles will have no equal in Europe with regard to materials used on»
Mercedes Releases More Details on Fuel Cell Vehice Roll Out in US
The Mercedes-Benz contribution to the green car spotlight at the Los Angeles Auto Show this year is word that the German automaker will be making available in the United States a limited number of its new B-Class F-CELL fuel cell powered vehicles. And when we mean limited, we do mean limited – the plans are for “selected customers” to get the first vehicles before year’s end, with a total of around 70 of these environmentally friendly cars being made available on a rental basis in California by 2012. on»
Lotus unveils new fuel cell car with innovative construction method
Lotus has unveiled a concept car design to be powered by a fuel cell. The design is the company’s vision for the car of 2025. Featuring a never seen before construction method, this car of the future is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell system which drives two electric motors turning the rear wheels. The body of the car consists of a cabron fibre frame blanketed by ultra-lightweight, high impact absorbing fabric. Materials that make up the car are d3o and metal rubber. The d3o is a non-Newtonian material that usually behaves like a rubbery gel, but when struck immediately turns into an extremely sturdy solid. So, this material could give the passengers great protection during an accident. The metal rubber can be stretched and molded like rubber, making the bodywork react to the movement of the suspension system. It is also capable of conducting electricity, giving the freedom to adjust the shape in accordance to the onboard computer. The body of the car can change shape while moving to keep the airflow as smooth as possible. on»
HyNor hosts Yearly Hydrogen Conference 2010, 24 November- Kjeller, Norway
The Norwegian Hydrogen Association, HyNor will be holding their Yearly Hydrogen Conference on November 24th 2010 at Kunnskapsbyen Conference Center,  Kjeller, Norway. 2010 marks the first year of HyNor’s second phase. We have seen the existing stations have gone into a normal operating phase, with good up-time. on»
FCH JU Independent as of November 15th 2010
Monday the 15th of November 2010 marked the official first day of independence for the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. To celebrate, the Executive Director of the FCH JU, Bert De Colvenaer invited EHA along with other organisations and stakeholders to a lunch time reception to celebrate the occasion. Although the FCH JU was very successful within its collaboration with the commission, this step will assist to remove bottlenecks within administration and create a more streamlined administrative procedures. The JU aims to reinforce global ties with 3rd nations currently developing a hydrogen market. In addition, this change will also help to facilitate deployment of hydrogen marketable technologies which require close ties to EU member states. on»
EHA contributing to Cars 21 re-Launched November 10th
November 10, 2010 the European Commission re-launched the CARS 21 High Level Group with a new mission. Within the Cars 21 strucuture, EHA has been invited to join the Working Groups on Energy and Transport and Emissions. The European Commission has asked the group to develop a common action plan and a vision for “a competitive EU automotive industry and sustainable mobility and growth in 2020 and beyond.” This will contribute to the EU strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, Europe 2020, to the flagship initiatives on resource efficiency and industrial policy and to the EU strategy for clean and energy efficient vehicles. on»
Hydrogen in Electricity Storage and Transport Sytems a part of new European Commission Communication
On 17 November 2010, the European Commission adopted the Communication “Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond – A Blueprint for an integrated European energy network.”
The communication defines EU priority corridors for the transport of electricity, gas and oil. A toolbox is also proposed in order to enable a timely implementation of these priority infrastructures. Hydrogen’s role in the future European Energy Infrastructure is more apparent as expressed in the excerpts: “Electricity grids must be upgraded and modernised to meet increasing demand due to a major shift in the overall energy value chain and mix but also because of the multiplication of applications and technologies relying on electricity as an energy source (heat pumps, electric vehicles, hydrogen and fuel cells information and communication devices etc.).” page 6: section 2.1 Electricity grids and storage on»
The Clean Vehicles Portal, a new tool for public procurment of clean vehicles
A project of Intelligent Energy Europe and powered by TUV Nord, the Portal will be a tool which will facilitate the implementation of the Directive on the promotion of clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles (2009/33/EC). The directive creates mandatory obligation for the public procurement of road vehicles and has to be transposed into member state legislation by December 4, 2010. It is considered 1st step in internalization of external costs. Among the criterion imposed is energy consumption and CO2 tailpipe emissions. on»
5th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, 22-24 November 2010, Berlin
The 5th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference will be helds on 22-25 November 2010 at the Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin, Science and Conference Center.
The Conference will communicate developments in energy storage and aim to popularize the results in applications and solutions.
The conference will be focus on storage solutions for electricity,  heat and mobility. on»