FCH Thunderclap: join the buzz on October 8, 2016!
Join the Thunderclap for 2016's National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day now! Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you ..read on»
FC Truck Spotting on US highways
A hydrogen truck, with six electric motors, one for each wheel, powered by a fuel cell, with a total output of 1500 kW and zero ..read on»
FC-EV Spotting: moving beyond a concept
On the one year anniversary of DieselGate, Transport and Environment a lobby organisatiosn of local transprot authorities relaesed a report on actual emissions of Euro ..read on»
FC Bus Spotting: CHIC FC BUS project clocks 9 mln km
As London reveiled its 50 battery powered electric bus fleet on September 14, 2016,  the 8 fuel cell electric buses are steaming ahead on the ..read on»
FC Train Spotting: InnoTrans 2016
During InnoTrans 2016, Alstom revealed its Coradia Lint train with fuel-cell propulsion system ..read on»
On owning energy storage….
On September 19 EASE, the Euroepean Association for the Storage of Energy, of which the EHA is a partner organisation published  its recommendations for ..read on»
More in store for energy storage?
A year ago an unprecedented  leak in the Aliso Canyon natural gas reservoir, that had been feeding the network of natural gas plants mobilized in peak ..read on»
Needed: “Giga” models for FC market introduction
With fuel cell heating appliances included in the Funding of the German program for the support of energy efficiency (APEE) that took off on  the beginning ..read on»
Catamaran H2.0 will start world tour in 2017
The completely energy independent catamaran that will start its would tour in April 2017 from Paris and will travel five years to make 101 stops around ..read on»
HyResponse training programme upcoming events
The FCH JU co-funded project HyResponse ''European Hydrogen Emergency Response Training Program for First Responders'' has been completed and the results will be presented during ..read on»