UK H2 and FC association wins parliament enquiry on H2 in UK’s Energy System
The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA) has managed to secure a dedicated inquiry into hydrogen and fuel cells and their role on»
Clean Energy for all Europeans gets Council support
On February 27, 2017 EU energy minister's came together to support the third version of the so called Winterpackage:  a one meter stack of energy on»
Industry for Europe, a movement composed of 92 European industry associations, including Hydrogen Europe, have published a Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial on»
H2 Spot on: from synergies to blending
The EHA attended a full day information session on February 27 on a new funding instrument the Blending call to close the gap on»
UK’s Intelligent Energy goes West
Intelligent Energy has signed a deal the end of February 2017 with US-based company Luxfer-GTM, to supply them with Fuel Cell Modules (FCM) for their on»
Shell’s first H2 branded station opens along UK motorway
Shell has launched its first fully-branded hydrogen refuelling station in the UK following the success of their stations in Germany and the US on»
Toyota delivers fuel cell bus to Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Toyota Motor Corporation on February 24, 2017 delivered the first fuel cell bus (FC bus) sold under the Toyota brand to the Bureau of Transportation on»
First online courses on FCH applications (KnowHy) in Italy
First courses for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen applications now available in Italy: Register here!! KnowHy brings together practical training in hydrogen, Fuel Cells and their applications on»
H2 Spotting: role H2 recognized in new EU storage ambition
The Commission on February 6, 2017 presented its published its long awaited Commission Staff Working Document on Energy Storage on the role of energy storage in on»