Scots focus on Energy Storage in a Changing Climate
The annual Energy Storage and Energy Conversions event is being run in conjunction between the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association the Energy Technology Partnership on»
Hydrogen, fuel cells and stationnary batteries at Hannover Fair
From 25 to 29 April, the Hannover Fair will host the 22nd edition of the Europe’s largest exhibition for hydrogen, fuel cells and stationary batteries. Focal on»
Renewable H2 station “Don Quichote” opens March 9, 2016
The project Don Quichote (Demonstration of a new qualitative innovative concept of hydrogen out of wind turbine electricity) is set up to demonstrate the on»
EU Integrated SET Plan: FCH action required
​After the Communication on the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan, (COM2015 /6317)  of September 15, 2015 in which an integrated approach and not a technology on»
Super Tuesday in Geneva: Pininfarina launches a FC “Tesla”!
In the corridors of recent motorshows whispers on who would build the FC TESLA have  become increasing vocal on»
HyRESPONSE training: first spark this March!
The first European hydrogen safety and emergency response training for first responders and firefighters is taking place between the 14th-18th of March 2016 in face-to-face on»
Worldwide increase of 40% of public hydrogen refeulling stations in 2015
2015 saw an increase of almost 40% growth in the number of public hydrogen refeulling stations (HRS) in operation worldwide on»
New FC powered applications in innovative transport areas
Austrian transport specialist HET Engineering in cooperation with  DLR German Aerospace Center, recently launched  a quiet, zero-emission vehicle for sensitive traffic areas; theCitylog EMF vehicles will be on»
EC Sustainable Energy Security Package published: FC and H2 can play their part!
On February 16, 2016, the European Commission presented The Sustainable Energy Security Package on the Energy Union frame. The package sets out a wide range of on»
HyPROFESSIONALS results on EHA website
HyPROFESSIONALS project, funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking,  is focused on the development of educational programmes and training initiatives for technical professionals to secure the required mid- and long-term availability of human resources capable to properly operate the technologies safely.
The project kickoff took place Tuesday February 15th.  The projects 9 partner organisations coming from 8 different European countries came together in a collaborative effort to define the ambitions of the project and give the overall impetus to the project’s activities. EHA is the dissemination partner for HyPROFESSIONALS. on»