100% renewable targets will require power storage to manage flows on the net
Electrolysers utilise these intermittent power flows to produce H2 gas from water
H2 gas can be stored in large quantities underground and transported via existing gas pipelines
H2 vehicles recharge faster and are more durable than battery powered transport
Growing H2 demand in industrial processes will reduce costs and increase supply

Because of the huge success EUROSOLAR and the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) are continuing the IRES series in 2012. IRES 2011 attracted attendance from more than 40 countries with 600 attendees and repeated the success of the previous year.

The event is an international gathering of all relevant stakeholders: From the energy storage business, both the renewable and conventional energy business, grid operators and utilities, players from the hybrid and electric vehicle sector, the building industry, finance, R&D and politics.

The conference programme will among others address small scale/distributed storage solutions like batteries as well as bulk storage solutions like hydrogen/Power-to-Gas and the role storage solutions play within the smart grid. One focus of this year´s event will also be the interaction of energy networks for power, gas and heat and cross-sectoral use of energy storage systems. The event takes place in cooperation with EHA member, German Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Association (DWV).

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