100% renewable targets will require power storage to manage flows on the net
Electrolysers utilise these intermittent power flows to produce H2 gas from water
H2 gas can be stored in large quantities underground and transported via existing gas pipelines
H2 vehicles recharge faster and are more durable than battery powered transport
Growing H2 demand in industrial processes will reduce costs and increase supply

Internship at the European Hydrogen Association


The organisation

The European Hydrogen Association, EHA, is promoting the use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier to power transport and stationary applications. With an office in Brussels the EHA represents 21 national hydrogen and fuel cell associations in Europe as well as the main European companies involved in hydrogen infrastructure development. Together they cover more than 300 companies active in hydrogen and fuel cell application development in Europe. Currently the EHA is actively working on positioning the role of hydrogen in reducing CO2 in view of the UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris; technology cooperation.

General objective

The general objective of the internship is to gain insight in how to promote the role of hydrogen in reducing emissions to EU, national and local decision makers. In addition the intern will be able to experience different aspects of lobbying and follow closely EU’s energy and transport policies. The intern will be involved in the following EHA activities:

  1. Assist in the engagement of EHA national member associations and potential national association members in promoting the use of hydrogen in their countries and at EU level.

1.1 Identify current key national players: update database of members of EHA national member associations:

1.2  Identify current key national players in the trainee country/region of origin;

1.3 Identify and develop contact with key national MEP and inform EHA national association members of relevant developments.

1.4 Assist in preparation of COP21 promotional activities.


  1. Assist in the EHA European Project preparatory work

EHA is currently dissemination partner in 7 European projects.

2.1 Identify relevant policy, programs and calls in various relevant EU DG’s

2.2 Assist in tasks related to collection of industry data, identification of relative research/industry;

2.3  Update Regional industry database : set up industrial database for country of origin

3. Assist in the support and monitoring of regional activities regarding electromobility infrastructure development throughout Europe;
The EHA hosts the secretariat of HyER, the European Regions and Municipalities Partnership for Hydrogen and fuel cells and Electromobility in European Regions, to facilitate more coordination and visibility of Regional hydrogen and fuel cell projects. Recently HyER has been asked by the EU Commission to broaden its activities to battery electric vehicles and set up the European Electromobility Observatory.

This task involves:

3.1 Collection of information through interviews (telephone surveying) on projects in different HyER Regions and update of database.

3.2 Support update of contact database of responsible officials for hydrogen and fuel cell development and electromobility at EU, national and regional level in all 28 EU Member States, especially new Member States.

4. General Brussels’ lobbying organisation office work:

The trainee will be made familiar with general EU lobbying practices
4.1 Check and report on European news in EU media on relevant developments; edit RSS feeds for website on news items, update EU policy dossier database;
4.2 Assist in developing collaboration with relevant EU players in EU energy and transport infrastructure development.
4.3 Check and report on EHA industrial and national associations’ members’ news and press releases on website and other EHA media tools.



  • Bachelor’s in relevant policy and or communications or Business School;
  • Experience in desk-based and web-based research is welcome;
  • Basic understanding of energy and transport issues and related topics;
  • Full mastery of English; working ability in French will be an advantage;
  • Some aptitude in drafting/editing a variety of bulletins/news clips , news feeds and articles, postings on main communications site;
  • Flexibility to work in a busy, dynamic international environment

This internship is unpaid, but a reimbursement of transport and meals in Brussels is provided.

The internship is for a period of four to six months.

Send your CV and covering letter by email to [email protected] to the attention of EHA Office Manager.

Closing date

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