Checking up on H2 Fitness: new EHSP safety reports available!
24 September, 2021Since 2017 the European Hydrogen Safety Panel set up by the former FCH JU has reviewed over 500 H2 safety related events on»
Still feeling fit for 55? UK’s Hydrogen Strategy
18 August, 2021The UK government on August 16, 2021 revealed its UK-wide Hydrogen Economy Strategy indicating a potential £4 bln investment budget, including 9,000 high-quality jobs on»
Will Hydrogen be Fit for 55?
14 July, 2021Was it coincidence that on July 14, 2021 the European Commission dropped an unprecendented package of, mostly mandatory, emission reduction targets, fit for reducing on»
Glimpse on an Important European Common Interest
28 May, 2021With the presentation on May 28, 2021 of Germany's selection of 62 projects, that would compete for EU Commission's approval to become part of on»
Looking up after locking down?
11 March, 2021As COVID 19 is expected to continue to severly impact family life and economic activties in the coming years , the early Spring weather (and on»
Local and industrial alliances paving the way of EU’s “important common interest?”
15 February, 2021The EU Parliament on February 10, 2021  approved the Recovery and Resilience Facility, designed to help EU countries tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on»
EU Commission President’s boost for EU regions with hydrogen ambition
20 January, 2021Ursula von der Leyen tweeted: "Clean hydrogen will help us reconcile our economy with the health of our planet on»
It’s in our stars
24 December, 2020The EHA, as the Energy and Hydrogen Alliance of star H2 experts, aims to tackle head on the most important issues in the expected start on»
Driving, trucking, shipping, sailing, flying in the EU will never be the same!
9 December, 2020Photo courtesy RH2INE initiative (taken before COVID 19 restrictions..) The European Commission presented today its ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy' together with an Action Plan on»
Match making in H2eaven: IPCEI’s will need IPSME’s..
11 November, 2020Over the last months all CEO's following hydrogen are feverishly trying to get aligned with the so called "European" Hydrogen IPCEI, Important Project of Common on»