Bet your H2 Demand on the European Hydrogen Bank!
17 March, 2023The highly anticipated EU Net Zero Industry Act, to counter the US Inflation Reduction Act and boost the production of net zero technologies in Europe, on»
GENCOMM’s Tools for small projects under the new EU Transition Framework.
10 March, 2023On March 9, 2023 the EU Commission presented a new new Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework to foster support measures in sectors which are key on»
To combust or bust is that the question?
15 February, 2023On February 14, 2023 the EU Commission announced a 100% zero CO2 emission target for new heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) from 2030 onwards, covering over on»
Adding hydrogen to the mix
14 February, 2023As part of a broad regulatory package for hydrogen to facilitate the necessary energy infrastrucuture investments, state aid rules and targets for renewable hydrogen in on»
How H2 is my Valley?
31 January, 2023Building on the experiences of HyER, the European Association of Hydrogen, fuel cells and Electro-mobility in European Regions, that the EHA set up and coordinated on»
In Hydrogen we trust….
17 January, 2023EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen at her 2023 Davos speech on January 17, 2023 strongly emphasized the need for reliable partnerships to build on»
Lining up for the US Hydrogen Shot
21 December, 2022The US Department of Energy, DOE on December 21, 2022,  referring to its $750 mln budget from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to reduce on»
Harmonia through green ammonia?
9 December, 2022Ports are gearing up to start docking green ammonia to cover EU's target 10 mln tons of green hydrogen imports by 2030 on»
EU Pre-COP27 deal: petrol and diesel free cars and vans by 2035
27 October, 2022EU Commission, EU Member States and EU Parliament concluded talks on October 26, 2022 to set up a zero-emissions sales mandate on»