EHA participated in the Debrief of FCH JTI Stakeholders General Assembly
12 December, 2008The FCH Instruct office, that is preparing the operational structure and activities of the Joint Undertaking for Fuel cell and Hydrogen (JTI) organized a debriefing on»
EHA presented Hydrogen and Fuel Cells as strong partner of renewable energy systems at Dutch annual Hydrogen conference
10 December, 2008The EHA presented the study that was commissioned together with the German Hydrogen and Fuel cell association, DWV at the Annual conference of the dutch on»
EHA participated in the Commissions Hydrogen Working Group on EU H2 Vehicle Regulation
24 November, 2008Anticipating the vote in the Council of the EU expected this December, DG Enterprise invited industry to discuss a draft of the implementing measures of on»
EHA presented H2 and FC educational activities at H2 and FC Masterclass at WBZW
18 November, 2008The Weiterbildings Zentrum fuer Brendstoffzelle in Ulm organized a three day international Masterclass for participants of the members countries of the International Partnership for Hydrogen on»
EHA presented EU policy and regional developments at IEA Taskforce meeting
13 November, 2008Task 23 on Small Hydrogen Reformers of the IEA Hydrogen Implementation agreement asked the EHA to present EU policy affecting hydrogen installations in Europe on»
EHA participated in the Workshop Road to Copenhagen
6 November, 2008The Road to Copenhagen initiative was created in response to the need for business and key stakeholders to participate in and influence the process leading on»
EHA participated in EU Parliament Hearing on precommercial procurement
4 November, 2008The EHA participated in a hearing of MEP Malcolm Harbour, rapporteur for the EC communication the promotion of pre commercial procurement of innovative products on»
EHA present at launch EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan
28 October, 2008Commissioner Janez Potocnik of Research and Andris Piebalgs of Energy launched the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) in the presence of heads of on»
Tokyo: International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo
28 October, 20085th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo - FC Expo 2009 on»
EHA presented EU policy developments at ZEMSHIP conference in Hamburg
23 October, 2008The EHA was invited to give an update on EU policy affecting the use of hydrogen as an energy vector at the First ZEMSHIP conference on»