EU Parliament approves 3.89 bln in energy funding
7 May, 2009The EU Parliament, on the day before MEP's will be on their election campaign trails, approved funding for several energy projects to be initiaited before on»

2 May, 2009The Commission's latest progress report on the share of renewable energies in the electricity and transport sectors, published on 24 April, 2009 showed that EU on»
EU adopts Directive to promote clean vehicles in public fleets.
30 April, 2009Om March 30, 2008  the Council of the EU adopted a Directive (COM 2007/475) to promote energy efficient road transport vehicles in  public fleets on»
EIT publishes Call for first Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs)
2 April, 2009The objective of European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), established last September in Prague  is to be a key driver of sustainable European growth on»
Mercedes defies crisis with investments electric transport future.
11 March, 2009"We have to make our zero emissions vehicles fascinating and beautiful," said Mercedes-Benz' research and development boss, Dr on»
MEPs back report on Second EU Strategic Energy Review
5 February, 2009The EU Parliament apporved an own initiaitve report on the Second Strategic Energy Review advocating emergency action plans, more grid interconnections among Member States and on»
Hydrogen Reformers and EU’s new Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive
22 January, 2009The EU Parliament Environment Committee approved a report on the new Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive on Janaury 22, 2009 , that will on»
EU Commission launches report on Regional 2020 challenges
6 January, 2009EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, presented the findings of a new report on the future challenges facing regions in Europe on»
EHA members meet with EU Parliament to present hydrogen applications for EU buildings
18 December, 2008The EHA facilitated a meeting with technicians of the EU Parliament and EHA industry members to present an update of stationary and portable hydrogen applications on»
EHA hosted a seminar of the EU Procura project on procurement of alternative fuel vehicles
17 December, 2008EHA hosted a seminar on the public procurement of clean vehicles in Brussels organized by the EU project Procura on»