Belgian Presidency calls for Energy Round Table Conference
7 September, 2010The informal EU Energy Council on September 7  was devoted to the development of a modern and integrated European grid, the financing thereof and energy efficiency on»
EU Commission sets outlines of future industrial policy
31 August, 2010In a meeting on September 1, the Commission discussed its plans for EU's industrial policy that will be presented on October 13 on»
31 May, 2010May 2010 offered many proofs of product and policy that will put the use of hydrogen more visibly on Europe's map on»
EU Member States approve billion euro budget for CCS projects.
3 February, 2010EU Member State experts on February 2 approved a proposal on how to use 300 million emission allowances from the EU Emission Ttrading Systems ‘new entrants reserve’ to finance projects in renewables and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage). The final adoption of the decision, expected in May, will see billions in EU funding allocated to the development of clean technologies. The European Commission will dedicate  300 million allowances at European level, which will be sold by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and then distributed to support projects in Member States.  however Member States rejected a proposal to match every euro taken from EU funds, expressing concerns of  member states of Central and Eastern Europe.  Member States also  introduced more flexibility to the allocation process by allowing each country to host a maximum of three projects instead of the Commission’s proposed two. In any case, each country is entitled to at least one project. on»
Toyota expands fuel cell vehicle demonstration activities
13 January, 2010TMS and Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Engineering North America, Inc
Daimler starts series production of B Class F Cell vehicles
11 December, 2009Mercedes-Benz will launch 200  series produced B-Class F-Cell eletric car with a fuel cell  this Spring in Europe and US on»
Czech Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technoloy Platform new EHA national association member
1 July, 2009At the last EHA Annual General Meeting the Czech Hydrogen and Fuel cell Platform , was welcomed as EHA 15 th natioanl association member on»
EHA visits Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell stakeholders.
10 June, 2009The EHA was invited by the Hydrogen section of the Hungarian Energy Association, member of the EHA,  to meet potential stakeholders in Hungary to facilitate on»
EHA to meet with Brussels Environment Agency to discuss H2 strategy
20 May, 2009In order to ensure greater visibility of hydrogen applications to Brussels key decsion makers, the EHA has facilitated several meetings between EHA members and EU on»